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OMNIALUOgradually grew into an internationalized fashion brand

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With the development of 16 years, OMNIALUO have been refreshing the historical record and become the first designer brand to list overseas, and gradually grew into an internationalized fashion brand. In CHIC, OMNIALUO has attracted the attention from all walks of life such as Government, Associations, professional visitors and news media. In the morning of March 29th, Chinese government leaders come to OMNIALUO booth, such as Zhang Dejiang, Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee, chairman of the Standing Committee of the twelve National People's Congress; Du Yuzhou, chairman of association of Chinese textile industry; Chen Dapeng , Chinese clothing association executive vice president. Zhang Dejiang stressed “the growths of Chinese designer brand have established the reputation and image of China designers in international stage. He also hopes that OMNIALUO could adhere to the igners to international stage.



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